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Invest in the success of your favorite bands. Your investments support the creation of new music and help artists maintain creative control.

As an investor, you get a share of the band’s streaming royalties. So if they make it big, you benefit too!

Investments on BaseNote are speculative, risky, and illiquid. You should consider investing only if you can afford a complete loss of your investment. For more information, please consult our Educational Materials.

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The BaseNote app is your gateway to discovering the next big things in music. Stream songs and music videos- always free, with no ads!

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As an investor in your favorite artists, you make money when they do. Contribute to artists’ success by spreading the word, repping their merch, or bringing your friends to concerts. Keep up to date with the latest updates and track progress via the BaseNote app.

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With over two decades of collective experience building consumer products, we’re on a mission to help artists receive equitable financing through their fans and listeners.

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